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Uechi is everywhere.

    While visiting Okinawa, we get to meet, train with, and befriend people from all over the world. Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, India, England, as well as other parts of united states to name a few. All, great people. It feels good to be a part of something larger than yourself. A universal art form with a common goal that is enjoyed together, even when we speak different languages.​​


    Oh ya, were on a video page...Most of the videos posted here come from sources other than my personal camera. Some, posted by friends. Others, I just like. Main point is to give you something interesting to look at and get a feel for what Uechi is about and can become....if you work hard.....for many, many years.​

Please note:

   Videos here show the potential intensity of Uechi practice. These guys and gals are the best of the best and have been training 5-6 days a week for 20+ years. Everyone's practice is different and has it's own pace. We have people from all ages and physical capabilities in our organization. Don't ever think, "that's too much for me" take it to your level, at your pace., with a little push from sensei.


Discovery Channel

Discovery Channels, "Human Weapon" show visits Okinawa. This is the Uechi portion of one of the episodes. Shinjo, the main guy in this video, was one of the guys that tested me for my 1st degree black belt.

Uechi Demo - Japan

Not sure were or when this was shot but it has a decent demo of Uechi, kinda flashy but still decent.

Uechi Sanchin Shime Demo

My Sensei - Steven Goss testing some students.

Performed at the 2007 Genbukai Goodwill International Tournament in Costa Mesa, CA

Workout and Interviews in Okinawa

I believe this was posted by our friends in Serbia. The dojo in this video is the headquarters of Okikukai.​

2011 Okinawan  tournament Sanchin demo

Worked out with these guys while we were there. It was awesome. Man are they tough.


Sensei Shinjo showing some fighing techniquies. This guy is a BAMF. 

Shinjo - Uechi Warmup Basics

Sensei Shinjo showing some working with a group on some Uechi basis used during warmups.

2011 Okinawan Kumite tournament highlights.

Big guy with the goatee is from our California group.

Uechi Techniques

Sensei Gushi showing a few applications.​

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