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Workout Schedule​:

OC Uechi Dojo:


Adults Only


Most Uechi dojo in Okinawa and America are non-profit. Instructors that maintain these facilities, train and teach simply because they love Uechi. They have regular jobs, and often teach out of community centers or their homes.  The Southern California Uechi dojo are no different.

Why non-profit:

​​-Affordable-  Classes are affordable for the student (about $60 a month). Fees cover basic costs of equipment, supplies and facilitates. For students and instructors of the non-profit dojo, it's only about the experience of learning and teaching Uechi.

-Hand picked- Since we don't require large quantities of students to make money, instructors have the luxury of keeping the classes small, intimate and occupied with hand selected students.​ This creates a great environment for an effective teaching and learning experience.

-Attention - Ever worked out at one of those commercial martial arts studios? You know, where there are 40 to 60 people in the class. The class is ran by a junior instructor because that's the only way they can find time to herd that many  people through the system. In class, you get maybe 30 seconds of direct attention from the junior instructor. You've only seen pictures of the master instructor on the wall. saw him talking to one of the other senior instructors once...through the crowd of legs and arms in front of you in the 40 person class (your in the back)....master instructor has never seen you or knows you exist.


In every class, you get tons of personal attention from the master instructor. This stuff requires that kind of attention to detail, otherwise you are just exercising.   Instructors not only know your name but who you are, your family, job, and friends. Most importantly, why you are studying Uechi and what you want to accomplish. Personalized training.....


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