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Sensei - Damon Brown:

Damon has studied Uechi-Ryu for 25 years and currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt (Godan)​. Damon is a certified instructor authorized to teach Uechi under OKIKUKAI (Okinawan Karate-Do Association). OKIKUKAI is headquarted in Okinawa and is maintained by direct decedents of the original Uechi masters. There is a very clear and short lineage to the source of Uechi when working with Damon and OKIKUKAI. Damon's instruction is also supported by local master instructors and his Sensei, Shihan Steve Goss, Kyoshi. All these instructors reside in California and train together often.

Damon began his training under the instruction of Don Uttenreither (7th degree) of Porterville, CA in 1989 where he received his Shodan (1st degree).  After moving to Orange County in 2005, Damon opened a small dojo under the instruction of Senei Steven Goss (7th degree) of San Luis Obispo.  ​​To this day, Damon maintains a small, hand picked group of students that he instructs.

"I teach because it teaches me, because Uechi is worthy of passing down, because I enjoy it"
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