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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning a marital art. Today, there are tons of to choose from.  How do you find the right one for you? Do your research on the style and individual dojo/instructor, as both will impact your experience.  Visit and talk to the instructors and students. Look for characteristics that will meet your needs, then get in there and try it out.

Please Note: All ages, male and female, and all ranges of physical capabilities are welcome to  participate and enjoy Uechi-Ryu. The techniques described on this site are tailored to your individual goals and capabilities. YOU CAN DO UECHI!

Here is some information that will give you a better understanding of the Uechi way.


Uechi is straightforward: It appears simple, and in some respects it is. Uechi is not flashy. It is direct and effective. However, the nuances of these simple looking techniques require a lifetime to understand and master.

Uechi is practiced to perfection: We believe fewer techniques, practiced more often, create effective automatic reflexes.

Uechi is intense: We consider body conditioning to be one of the more important aspects of our system. While we do practice to 'toughen up', it is done in a structured, graduated manner, appropriate to each individual student.

Uechi is budo (way of war): This is not a sport Karate. Uechi was developed over many years on Okinawa as a way for it's people to defend themselves during a time when weapons were banned. Its teachings are extremely effective for self defense and potentially damaging to the opponent. If you are looking for a non-harmful self-defense, or a tournament touring marital art, Uechi may not be right for you.

Uechi is non-commercialized: We don’t follow fads or trends. We don't have guaranteed blackbelt programs.  Most dojo are non-profit, consist of small class sizes, and are taught by instructors that have day jobs. We are much closer to the “Mr Miyagi” experience than “Cobra Kai” … :) We do Uechi because we love it…

Uechi is traditional: We use Japanese terms while in class. We learn it's history. We travel to Okinawa and learn directly from Okinawan Masters regularly. Training is conducted using the same techniques and methodologies used in Okinawa homedojo.

Uechi develops life balance: Imagine being more clam, collected, focused, and at peace in your daily life, in any situation. The whole person; mind, body, and spirit are encompassed in our practice.

Uechi people are good people: Although the above may sound like it, we are not meat heads or bullies. Our goal is to never use our Karate. "Best defense - not be there!" - Mr Miyagi

Interested? Awesome….give us a call or send a message.

Uechi Training  Techniques:

JunbiUndo - HojuUndo


JunbiUndo is the traditional stretching and joint warmup exercises that are universally used in the Uechi system.

HojuUndo is the secondary warmup. These exercises use actual karate techniques in repetition. Get warmed up, practice the techniques, learn the Japanese terms for the moves.



Sanchin (三戦?): Literally translated as "three conflicts". From the kanji for "three" and 戦う.

Sanchin is the foundation for Uechi system. It is one of the first things you learn and last things mastered (if mastery is even possible). Concentration, focus, balance, power, strength, and general awesomeness stem from good sanchin. ​

Kote Kitae


Body Conditioning. In order to turn your body into a weapon, it needs to tough and able to take a strike. You must be able to use your arms and legs as a shield and not be disabled while doing so.  Generations of experience have been turned into a series of simple conditioning exercises that will gradually toughen you up. 

You'll be surprised after a few months how tough you are. But seriously, we take it a slow as needed for the'll do great.





The Makiwara is a padded striking post. It is another conditioning tool used by Uechi practioners to toughen our built in weapons.



Prearranged series of movements, designed to teach individual techniques,

​combination of techniques, focus, balance, power and grace.

There are eight empty-hand Kata's in Uechi Ryū; the longest has 36 steps.


Apply your kata teachings. While performing kata, a fellow student attacks you with prearranged movements. ​

Yaksuku Kumite

Prearranged, two person drills. These series of attacks and defenses allow the student to practice techniques in a controlled environment.

Jyu Kumite


Free sparring. Put it all together and let'er fly...

Of course there a still rules and oversight, safety is always a top priority.

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