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entrepreneur, leader, coach, husband, father, student of life

I am simply a human being that can get in my own way, and at times, am unable to see my truth right in front of me. 

I have lived a life of hard knocks, extraordinary beauty, and everywhere in between.

I am walking my path and learning its wisdom.

I am far from done. 

I am not selling a gimmick, pushing a system, suggesting a religion, or a proven methodology. I am saying that coaching works. Being coached is key to my breakthroughs, successes, and fulfillment of career and life. It helps me take my life path and turn it into insight and lessons. Gifts that I pay forward. Combine these gifts with my natural ability to listen, communicate, turn chaos into clarity, see what others cannot, and here I am.

I am fulfilling what I was intended to do.

Help others, as others have helped me. 

My service is to listen, really listen. Listen for what you really, really want.  Be there for you in a way no one has ever been there.  And yes, possibly say things to you that no one has ever dared. Help you viscerally feel the possibility of your dreams. Igniting a power inside where nothing can stop you.

All  from a place of caring, compassion, and a desire to serve. 


I would be humbly honored to help you find your answers and turn them into your own extraordinary life.







Life on Purpose

What are your biggest dreams? What do you really, really want?

You already have those answers and much more. They are inside you, right now.

Take the next exit off the fast paced road of daily life. Slow down, breathe, and have a conversation with me.

A conversation that just might change your world, forever.

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